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Company Formation Types

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Types of Company Registration

Private limited Company registration

Private limited company registration in Chennai following the flexible way of registration process and registration process is completes with in ten days. Private limited company in India is one of the best initiations for the formal way of corporate business formation. Minimum two members as shareholders and directors are more enough to start a private limited company in any corner of India. NRIs and Foreign nationals, and foreign companies are allowing for the private limited company formation with the legality under the Foreign Direct Investment. It is the bright opportunity for the foreign countries to initiate their business voyage through the choice of the private limited company. By choosing the PVT LTD Company, limited liability option, conversion to the public limited company, increasing the shares of equity, the status of separate legal entity with the advantage of perpetual existence all are availing one in the option of private limited company. Public share issue is not approving one in Private Company.

Public limited company registration

Public limited company registration in Chennai requires the basic eligibility of minimum 3 directors and 7 shareholders. In this formation mandatory Indian and a female director appointment is getting importance in this public limited company registration. Directly issuing shares to the public is the major advantage of the public limited company. Other forms of LLP or Private limited company should not take this advantage without conversion to the public limited company. The straight regulations of SEBI approval and their norm follow ups are inevitable process regulating under the registration of public limited company. Transfer of shares are following in the explicit manner is the benefit to know the status of a public limited company. General meeting conduction, the preparation for the intimation and appointing of Company secretary and Chartered Accountants all are properly following one. The corporate structure is strictly following one in public limited company. Public limited company formation is one of the highest statuses of business registration in India.

Reservation of Company name

A unique name carrying the form of Private limited company or public limited company, LLP is the requiring form of the Company name. The company name should register under the registrar of companies. The exact location address and the registration under the jurisdiction is the primary ways for the easy reservation process.

One Person Company (OPC)

Companies Act 2013 is drafting the new form of One Person Company registration in India. A single person can initiate the business without the option of the partnership is the central concept of this OPC registration. Small scale industries are highly benefitting from this One Person Company. Requirement of the OPC registration following the mandatory condition of minimum one person as the director of the company. Only one shareholder is the liberty offering to the One Person Company initiation in India. Except the Non-banking financial Institutions other forms of business can be allowed to under took by the One Person Company Formation. It is the latest new trend of OPC in the business registration following in the year of 2013. As similar to other companies OPC form of registration allows the process of Memorandum of Association, Article of Association and ROC and so on. Solubilis will guide the registration process and other requirements like DSC, DIN registrations are completing in fastest way.

Limited liability Partnership registration

Limited liability Partnership registration in Chennai requires the minimum 2 members’ partnership. LLP formation is not allowing the foreign people to participate in the LLP structure. Foreign LLP is the separate structure can spread out their wings in India. So, LLP registration in India is compulsively following the Indian residents as the members of the LLP structure. There is no minimum requirement is allotting for the formation of the LLP in India. Apart from the DSC, DIN, ROC LLP agreement is playing its vital importance in the limited liability Partnership. All the form of companies whether it is a private limited company, Partnership Company and One Person Company shall converting into the Limited liability Partnership. The sudden fame of LLP is protection of personal asset with the protection limited liability. Negligence or fraudulence of a member should not affect the other members is the primary characteristics. LLP is considering as the company and the members are subscribers of the company. More than the members company took over the control.


What is a Company?

A Company is an association of members and the people are contributing their money for the development of the business. Both the profit and loss of the company are equally shared by all the members of the company or firm.

All members of the business are contributing money as their capital amount. The equal proportion of the money investment is representing through the term Shares. Preferential share and equity shares are the two types of the shares issuing in a company.

Dividend is a reward of payment or share or stock issuing from a company to its shareholders. Directors of the company are deciding the issue of dividends. It should intimate and get approval from all shareholders before processing it.

What is the purpose of General meeting?

As per the legality, every calendar year need to conduct the general meeting within the period of fifteen months. Financial auditing, Appointment of directors, auditor appointment and voting of directors are following in AGM (Annual General Meeting).

Business organization is initiating in many ways. It can be the private, public or LLP. Business Corporation in the sense it is a separate legal entity free from its members. Agreements, Taxes, Contracts all are functioning in the name of Business Corporation.

Documents Required

  • Submission PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Photo Copies.
  • ID proof copy (Voter ID, Passport, Driving License) any one is required.
  • A copy of passport, certified from home country.
  • A copy of address proof registered officially in home town.