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Company Formation in T. Nagar Chennai


Company formation is the process of incorporating the business in a Companies house in a structured form. On incorporation it becomes a legal entity. The shareholders are not responsible if the business is insolvent; so limited liability is the objective of the company. When you have your business in form of company, it provides financial protection and legal protection. Company formation in T. Nagar Chennai gives some advises how to constitute a company. Firstly you should choose company name.

a) The Directors of the company should search for the name of the company.

b) The first and foremost thing is to the name search. If the name is similar the third person may sue you. Also if any other person starts a company in the same name of yours, then you also may sue.

c) So name is very important and it should be unique. Then you should add company address. They should give Director’s details, secretory details, articles of association and supporting documents should be provided. It needs minimum two members, one director and one shareholder to form a company. Of course all the members should be more than the age of 18 to form the company.

Offshore company formation and its benefits

Company formation in T. Nagar Chennai speaks about Offshore Company. An offshore company is, the company setting up at different nation, other than the native country. Also offshore means you are residing in India and controlling all operations in India for your companies in Malaysia, United States companies. Also you can enjoy all the benefits offered Malaysia and United States. As suggested before in this blog you should first choose the name. The details of all the activities of the company should be provided. Company formation in T. Nagar Chennai insists that the copies of residential address and identity proofs must be provided. Then you should submit the order form which includes the following details. They are a)kind of shares issued, b)the company Directors, shareholders, company secretory, and c) Produce communication address and payment .

Company formation in T. Nagar Chennai states the merits of setting up offshore companies.

a) The first benefit is the tax benefit. Setting up companies offshore will allow you to enjoy the tax benefits. For example if you are setting up offshore company in United States or Malaysia you may enjoy reduced tax benefits from that particular nation. When offshore companies set up in political and economically stable countries it safeguard all your assets.

b) Offshore companies are helpful in acquiring all the opportunities. Those opportunities include buying real estates, making investment in foreign market and trading foreign markets.

Company formation in T. Nagar Chennai says the working of the offshore companies.

a) The first step is to consult with the International corporation service provider about the laws concerned with the nations and legal procedures associated with for setting up offshore companies.

b) Provide the required documents which includes address proofs, bank account details. If documentation and validation process are over, then company registration is complete.

The demerits of offshore companies are the working timings will be different. So there will be difference in timings for the communications also. If there happens any problems, then there arise some resolution issues also. You need to hire a foreign lawyer in the foreign courts.

State and Private Enterprise

Company formation in T. Nagar Chennai says that there are two types of enterprises that are free enterprises form economic activity for both public and private sectors.  They are state enterprise and Private enterprise. The state enterprise otherwise state owned enterprise. Government has started state enterprise to take part in the commercial activities on behalf of the government. SOE is a global phenomenon. They require following rules and regulations concerned with operations of the business types. The administration is bureaucratic and the development of the organisation is not the concern. These enterprises produce profit and saved in the state treasurer. The public uses this money for its welfare. Also the winding up procedure is dependent on the government only.

Private Enterprise

Company formation in T. Nagar Chennai discusses about the Private enterprise. It operates under the ownership of the individuals. So it means that it is free from Government. It motivates and encourages individuals to start a business. Also it provides legally permission to do any businesses.

Recent updates

Company formation in T. Nagar Chennai says that start-ups in India are struggling due to COVID-19 outbreak. Similarly it affected the early and middle staged businesses . Around 60% of all the B2C start-ups are now facing the problem of closure due to this lock-down. And recently the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) is ready to launch SPICE+ a new form for company formation, and it has formalities for EPFO, ESIC and professional tax registration. Now it has launched company fresh start scheme, CFSS (Company Fresh Start Scheme) 2020, gives one time prospectus for defaulting companies to file pending forms. It eliminates additional fees and seeks immunity from penalties. This scheme came into existence in the year 2020 April 1 and it is about to end on September 30 the same year 2020.


Company formation in T. Nagar Chennai says that this scheme does not suitable for vanishing companies, marked Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process. Also the amalgamated companies under scheme of compromise cannot come under the scheme. Companies with STK-2, MSC-1 also do not come under it. The effect of this scheme is there is no need to pay the additional fees, no immunity certificate to company and also the ROC can withdraw all prosecutions and proceedings. Company formation in T. Nagar Chennai says that formation is an act of creating official application for the process of incorporation. The formation includes promotion, incorporation and commencement of business which is the last step in the company formation in India. 

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